• SIPRoutes

    Cloud-Based SIP Termination Least Cost Routing Platform

    SIPRoutes is a service that has pioneered a new way to buy and sell SIP Termination. The solution provides the most powerful and customizable Least Cost Routing engine in the market today. With a full suite of online tools, businesses control which vendors are utilize in real time. LEARN MORE


VAMP Communications is an industry pioneer in the development of voice enabled applications and services. VAMP Communications specializes in cloud based software as a service applications leveraging the power of Voice over IP. Our motivation is to provide innovative and world-class cloud based voice applications for the Enterprise and telecommunications industry. We create solutions that are focused on reducing costs while increasing ease of use and flexibility.

Product Overview

  • SIPRoutes.com

    SIPRoutes.com is a cloud based Least Cost Routing marketplace providing customer's access to all major vendors via one service and one cloud-based platform. The solution simplifies a least cost routing strategy and eliminates the barrier to entry of high cost hardware solutions, complicated routing algorithms, multiple formats, billing policies, and contracts. All carriers are normalized from signaling to billing type, consistent across every vendor. All with no commitments.


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